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ChromeOS and the Chrome Browser

This page contains ChromeOS and Chrome Browser Apps (APP), Extensions (EXT), and Webware (SaaS) I've found to be some of the best. I'm not trying to capture all of them, just the ones that catch my attention, are outstanding and fulfill most of your normal needs.

An APP doesn't run all the time, it is a packaged program that sometimes can be used off-line and must be invoked from your Apps list.

An Extension runs all the time in the background utilizing resources, and most reside in the Sausage tray - upper right corner of the browser.

Webware is similar to an App as most Apps are simply links to Webware but cannot be used off-line. The listings for these services do not yet have an App for them in the Web Store though they work just as well. Many of these will soon be packaged as an App or Extension.

The Chromebook Community is the Google+ group that is all about Chromebooks, has over 18,000 members and is a great place to get information and help on all things Chromebook! If you are looking for something you can't find here or have a question, the Chromebook Community is the best place to go.

CHROME TOOLS (★ items work off-line)

APP=APP, EXT=Extension, SaaS=Software as a Service



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Web Development

Disable Power Management on the Chromebook

The Chrome OS team just pushed an extension API from experimental status called Keep Awake that makes it easy to temporarily disable power management on Chrome OS (Chromebooks). That means it has matured enough for prime use. The name of this new API is chrome.power API.

You can install the extension from here. It adds an icon in the upper-right corner of the browser that can be clicked to switch between modes where the screen is kept on, the system is prevented from sleeping, or power saving settings are left unchanged. There are three modes: 1. Default Power Saver Settings (normal mode,) 2. Screen Will Be Kept On, and 3. System Will Stay Awake.

How to Enable Native Google Cloud Printing and Printer Sharing in Windows

1. You need a Google Account.

2. You need a Windows computer.

3. You need the Chrome Browser.

4. You need to download and Install Google Cloud Print Service and link it to your Google Cloud Account. To actually launch the service, click on the Start Menu and look for the freshly installed Google Cloud Print Service and launch it and enter your local Windows username and password and click register - (not your Google account). After that is the point in the installation where the installer kicks you over to Google Chrome and prompts you to authorize your Google Account. Go ahead and do so. This adds your local printers to your account (Cloud Ready Printers can connect directly without this step.)

5. You need the Google Cloud Print Driver (if you want to add the Google Cloud Printer to your list of default Windows printers.) Installing the Print Driver links Cloud Printers to Windows by adding a Google Cloud Printer in the Windows native printer list.

If you want to share your cloud printer with someone else, you can do so in the Cloud Print Control Panel. That person will need Windows, the Chrome Browser and a Google Account.

6. As long as this Windows machine the printer is connected to stays on to function as a print server, you’ll have access to the printers.

Cloud Print Control Panel

Mega Chrome App

Mega is a secure Cloud storage service that is designed to eliminate service provider responsibility for content by encrypting locally all uploads therefore the service provider can have no idea what the content contains. It is up to the user to control sharing or content.

"MEGA is quite resilient against attacks on its distributed static content servers. However, you still have to trust three entities when you load https://mega.co.nz/ in your browser: Us, our static root server cluster and all certification authorities that your browser trusts (or all relevant DNS servers and upstream ISPs). Concerned? To eliminate the latter two, we're introducing a Chrome App that loads all of MEGA's JavaScript code from your local machine. Updates to the app are cryptographically signed — by us, not by an entity that falls under the jurisdiction of National Security Letters, which unfortunately precludes offering the app through the Chrome Web Store. The code installed by the app is open to public scrutiny, and if you turn off automatic updates, nobody can sneakily plant a trojaned version on your computer any more — not even us. A similar extension for Mozilla Firefox is currently in the making, which will also feature an enhanced download engine and other improvements."


Download the mega.crx file from here:
(you can't get it from the web store)

Drag and drop it on the extensions page in Chrome:
chrome://extensions/ (paste this in a tab)