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Imaging your Android complete system for restoration

As of Feb 1, 2013 it is illegal to UNLOCK your phone. Unlocking a phone just allows you to use sim cards from other carriers. You may still ROOT your phone (jailbreak for IPhone is different.) Rooting - gives you root (admin) access to the file system.

The Android Police website offers a [Complete Guide] How To Fully Back Up And Restore Your Android Phone Using Nandroid Backup


QR Codes

QR codes have become a popular way for Mobile Phone users to quickly navigate to a URL, navigate to services like the Android Market, YouTube, Facebook, RSS feeds, copy Contact - email - phone - text information, navigate to maps, send an SMS, etc. Video Demo


A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a type of matrix barcode that can be read utilizing a mobile phone camera to capture a picture of the QR-Code along with decoding software. My favorite mobile apps that use the mobile phone camera and contains a decoder are Google Goggles, Barcode Scanner, or i-nigma.

Create a QR code

You need to use a QR code generator to create QR Codes. A generator creates a QR code image which can be saved as an image file (.jpg, .png, .gif) and printed on media or inserted into a webpage. There are PC and Mobile Apps to create these codes, but the ones with the most features are Webware.

goo.gl URL shortener extension for Chrome Browser also contains on option to quickly create a QR code limited to URL's only.

You can also go to goo.gl insert your URL, click to shorten it, then add .qr to the end of the shortened URL to automatically create a QR Code.

Additionally, Google's Chrome QR-Code Tag extension generates a QR code tag for the URL in the current tab open in Chrome or any link, text selection or image on a web page.

My favorite QR Code generator with the most features being Delivr includes Services for Android Market App Page and App Search, Blackberry App World, Disqus, Facebook, Flickr, foursquare Venue, iPhone App Store, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Yelp Mobile, and YouTube Video. You can shorten the URL for small code or use it in the original form and specify the size of Code as Small, Medium or Large. If you sign up for free, You can avail the additional code types for personalized Delivr address, editing, API, QR Code tracking and analytics.

Video: 37 Examples Of Using QR Codes

The amount of data that can be stored in the QR code depends on the character set, version and error correction level. The maximum values for version 40 with error correction capacity level L are:

  • Numeric only Max. 7,089 characters
  • Alphanumeric Max. 4,296 characters
  • Binary (8 bits) Max. 2,953 bytes

The QR codes can trigger various actions on the reader device. It is important to note that not all devices support all actions. Higher correction level may result in a bigger code. The error correction levels are as follows:

  • Low up to 7% of errors are corrected
  • Medium-Low up to 15% of errors are corrected
  • Medium-High up to 25% of errors are corrected
  • High - up to 30% of errors are corrected

The point size reflects how many pixels should be used for one point of the QR code. The color of the QR code can also be changed from the default black one, but this may reduce the readability. The longer the data that has to be encoded is the bigger the resulting QR code would be. The bigger QR codes are (much) harder to read.

Although encrypted QR codes are not very common, there are a few implementations. An Android app manages encryption and decryption of QR codes using DES algorithm (56 bits).

A great feature of QR-Codes is that you do not need to scan them from one particular angle. QR-Codes are capable of omnidirectional (360 degree) high-speed reading. QR Codes scanners are capable of determining the correct way to decode the content within the QR Code due to the three specific squares that are positioned in the corners of the symbol.

QR Codes can be combined into one large symbol. One symbol can then be divided into 16 separate symbols making the data capacity extremely large.