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I've used SugarSync for over a year and I can attest that it is as reliable as any Cloud real-time autosync service available. SugarSync will automatically sync any folders you point to and offers 5GB free versus 2GB for DropBox. It also gives you access to these folders via all of your devices and any computer with an Internet connection. I pointed SugarSync to my PC's My Documents folder in which I keep folders containing all of my data files, including portable programs, music and video, etc. If you want me to help increase your 5GB account towards the 10GB via referals, send me an email with your referal link - first come first served though I will get to yours.

If you install SugarSync on your Android or iPhone as well as your computer, all of your pictures or video created with your phone are automatically saved to SugarSync which you can access from all of your other devices.

SugarSync is a way for users that work with a lot of files (music, documents, pictures) and multiple computers (a combination of laptops, desktops, cell phones) to keep all of those things in sync via online storage.

The Magic Briefcase is a folder whose files will remain identical across all the computers that are being backed up. So say you have two computers, and you're between the two a lot while working on a project, you can keep your project files in the Magic Briefcase, to ensure that whenever you set to work on the project, that you're working on the latest and most current version of the files.

The Web Archive feature segregates a file out from the rest of the synchronization activities between your computers and SugarSync. So, say you're working on a multiple file Word document, and you particularly like this specific version of one of the documents, you may elect to archive that document, then and there, and the file will be frozen in time, set aside in the archive, for you to refer to, download whenever you want.

One of the cool features to SugarSync is the quick and easy way to socialize straight away from the site's folders. For instance, you'll find that once your photos have been backed up to the cloud, that each file and folder is given the opportunity to share the pix with your Facebook friends. You can also share your files the "old fashioned" way, by email. And like you can with other file sharing and online storage services, you can set files to a status of Private or Public.

You can also set up private shared folders. These folders work much the same way shared folders do on other online storage and file sharing services. You set up the folder either through the desktop app or through the website, and then you invite users to come and collaborate and share files within that folder only. You can elect to continuously back up and synchronize the folder with a specific folder on any of the computers that you're backing up with SugarSync, or you can just upload files to that shared folder manually; it's really up to you.

With SugarSync, your MP3 collection housed on your PC follows you, wherever you go. Stream you DRM-free MP3s and M4As to your other computers or even your iPhone or iPod touch or Android using SugarSync. Remember, you're streaming the files from SugarSync, not your home PC; so even with your computer turned off, you can still listen to your favorite artists from another location.

Similarly, your photos can now follow you, too. SugarSync not only backs up your photos, but also creates online galleries for you to share with your friends. No longer do you have to backup your photos to one spot, and upload them again somewhere else to share them. The enhanced Photo Gallery makes browsing through your photos a breeze. Since this is a synchronizing system, when you take a photo with your phone, it's sent to SugarSync, and it's also downloaded to your computer.

The key role that SugarSync plays for your computer is the real-time autosync of all of your data files and programs in the folders you point SugarSync to. If you ever have to restore an Image of your operating system, for whatever reason, all of these data files will automatically download the most recent files to those folders once you boot to the restored image. All of these files automatically take care of themselves.

Google Music

Google Music offers both a locker service and a store, along with a limited ability to share songs for free with Google+ users. It allows you to upload and stream your music for free and store 20,000 songs. The key is that if you have an Android phone or device, you now have an excellent free choice for streaming and sharing music.