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Traditionally with a Chromebook, you do everything on the web. Times have changed, most productivity Apps have off-line capability and todays web apps and services are so good that they allow you to do virtually everything you could do with your old computer offline or online. Non-traditionally you can do much more.

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(APP=APP, EXT=Extension, SaaS=Software as a Service)

Credit Karma

Highly recommended. If you don't use Credit Karma, get it. It is a free web service (Software as a Service or SaaS.)

Credit Karma gives you access to all of your financial information, bank accounts, credit cards, bills, mortgages, loans, and, of course, your credit scores, all in one location, all under one account. Your Credit Score Should Be Free–and Now It Is. Get Your Absolutely Free Credit Score. Stay on Top of All of Your Accounts in One Place. No Trials. No Credit Cards. Truly Free. This is absolutely a must tool for everyone. You can not only view your credit score, you can learn to manage it.

Do not ignore Software as a Service - SaaS

The Chrome Web Store is great and there are many great APPS and Extension therein. However, there are many many more great Web Services (Software as a Service or SaaS) that have yet to have packaged APPS or Extensions made available.

Most APPS or Extensions are simply links to some of these SaaS tools (exceptions being Off-line packaged tools) and that service may even have better services available within their domain other than what the APP or Extension points to.

If you do not find exactly what you want in the Chrome Web Store, search for SaaS tools for that subject...you might be pleasantly surprised.

Setting up your Chromebook

GottaBeMoblile offers a very good walk through including videos on how to set up your Chromebook.

"Setting up a Chromebook couldn’t be much easier. It’s far simpler than a Windows or Mac machine. In just a handful of steps a user goes from boot to fully ready installation with all their apps and settings ready to go. It takes about five to ten minutes at the most, depending on the number of web apps a person uses."

  1. Start the machine using the power button - top right on the keyboard.
  2. Choose language, keyboard, and connect to Wi-Fi (have your password ready).
  3. Accept the terms of service.
  4. Sign into a Google account.
  5. Select or make a profile picture.
  6. Learn to use ChromeOS from the getting started screen.
  7. Change important settings like Time Zone.
  8. Connect Bluetooth devices if needed.

That's it! All of your Google account tools will automatically sync.


Being a retired airline pilot...weather tools are a passion. Weather Underground is great, and there is an app for that, but WeatherSpark is awesome even though there isn't an app for it yet - you really don't need an app for a link anyway which is what many apps are.

Once you navigate to WeatherSpark, the settings are saved in the URL itself...so once you set it up, copy the URL again and save that for your bookmark.

Take the time to explore it, I mean really explore it. You can add locations. You can add data (like moon phases, precipitation etc.) to the right pane view by clicking the Graphs dropdown menu (just remember to resave your URL as settings change)

The radar view is the left pane, the details view the right pane and you can expand full screen either one with the left and right carots at the top between the two panes. You can also animate the radar pane. It does more...check it out.

Browser Wars

About BearWare

BearWare indirectly began development in 1980 when I purchased my first computer, created from a list of freeware I maintained prior to BearWare. One of my interests has been free applications or services for PC's and I've maintained due vigilance to find, research and document the best for my own personal repository. If I discover better software for a category, I replace the current holder of that category.

Friends, family and coworkers discovered I maintained such a list and requested that I send the file to them every time I updated it. As I frequently updated the list, I created a website for those who wished the data. Bearware's theme is for no ads, no pop-ups or monetization of any kind. It's primarily a tool for my use which I share as others may find it useful.

Now I have moved on and away from Windows. I do not believe the Windows Operating Systems are the near future for general home use. I love the freedom of my Chromebook, free from the tedious maintenance required for Windows...and the malware. I now dedicate my efforts and support for the Chrome Browser and Chromebooks (ChromeOS.)