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Comprehensive Security Plan

A good security plan addresses prevention, data protection, and recovery.

Prevention: do the best your skills allow, at the least a decent anti-virus, Windows firewall, and learn some safe hex rules. There is no silver bullet.

Data protection: Don't keep/store dangerous data on your system (that which can harm you). Encrypt sensitive data. Backup all data off-computer either real-time or at least daily.

Recovery: Imaging provides the best tool. Learn how to maintain a pristine image as I have described.

Always have removable restoration media for your system as a fail safe.

Have a current image of your operating system and files stored on an external hard drive or at the least, off-computer.

Backup your data on an external hard drive or off-site regularly preferably in real-time or at least daily.

Use a Anti-Keylogger.

Have a Identity Theft Plan.

Have a financial transaction plan such as PayPal or MyProtect (especially with Credit/Debit cards.) Anything truly sensitive, keep it encrypted and off of any computer that is connected to the net.

Use anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall tools to help reduce events requiring recovery from malware. Just about any of the top free tools are good enough. Just remember, the bad guys are always one step ahead and there are no silver bullets for 100% protection.

Your computer being hosed beyond use or a critical hardware failure is not the most important issue. An image of your system or a hardware component replacement easily remedies that. The issue is protecting yourself from financial harm, sensitive data being compromised, or data loss.

A complete detailed presentation with additional information is contained in:

1. The Most Important Thing Every Computer User Should Do

2. BearWare's Comprehensive Security Plan.


Remove Malware Free 2013 Edition

Mrizos (Matt) provides a very good video tutorial on how to remove any malware using free tools.


Malware behavior analysis

Hardware versus Software Firewalls

HTG Explains: I Have a Router, Do I Need a Firewall? This is a very good article with a general explanation of the differences and benefits of a hardware firewall and software firewall.

Reveal Hidden Passwords

No external program is required to reveal passwords hidden by asterisks in most modern browsers. Right-click the password field in your browser and then choose “Inspect Element.” This will open the document inspector window and all you have to do is replace the word “password” with “text” in the script revealed. This changes the type of the input field from “password” to “text” and hence the password is revealed as the text input fields are never masked. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. (In the case of IE, press F12 to open the Developer Tools window and then press Ctrl+B to activate the element selection mode.)

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Virus test files are available from EICAR and are harmless but provide a means to test your security suites' effectiveness.

Trojan test files For years you have been able to test your virus scanner with the harmless Eicar test file. Using the just released Trojan Simulator you can now test your trojan scanner in the same manner, using a harmless demonstration Trojan. This is a risk-free way to see how your security software behaves in a real-world situation.

Safe Hex

Hardware versus Software Firewalls

Wireless Home Network Security

Up to date security tips.

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